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Transport zbiorników/silosów
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Large dimensions are a great challenge for a transport company. We have the right fleet and specialized equipment to cope with any task in this area. We are prepared for all situations.

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Transport of
Non-Normative Loads

Many years of experience allow us to carry out even the most complex transports without any problems. At the same time, each load we transport is covered by high insurance in the amount of PLN 250,000. euro.

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Yacht transport

We offer low-loader semi-trailers for the transport of motor yachts, sailing yachts, keelboats, ballasts, barges and ships.

Transport of

Our semi-trailers adapt to the diameter of the transported tank. Thanks to this solution, transport is efficient and safe. The high load capacity allows the transport of silos weighing up to 36 tons.

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Oversized transport

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, we have specialized in low-loader transport. We provide our services in the field of large-size transport from 0 to 36t. The length, width and height of the load have no limits for us.

Contact by phone, e-mail and also performance of the service have primary importance for us. By cooperating with us, you get the transport of the dimensions you are looking for. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Fleet vechicle

The fleet of vehicles is the basis of activity in transport. The better and more durable the equipment, the greater the performance and carrying capacity. Oversized transport is demanding. In order to transport the cargo “all the way and on time” in a safe way, we focus on the best low-loader vehicles from branded manufacturers.
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Our services

usługa transportu jachtów

Yacht Transprot

FHU Fab-Trans offers low-loader semi-trailers for the transport of motor yachts, sailing yachts, keelboats, ballasts, barges and ships. Our semi-trailers are equipped with specialized adjustable transport beds, used for safe laying, securing and transport of yachts. The price of the yacht transport depends on the dimensions of the unit and the distance over which it is to be transported. We approach each order individually, adapting to the client’s needs. We offer our services in Poland and Europe.

Oversized transport

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to carry out the most complex transports. We deal with the transport of: oversized, non-standard, low loader, oversize, machines, construction machines, agricultural machines, tanks, steel structures and others.

We are a professional company providing non-normative transport services, which provides transport of oversized and large-size loads, organization of permits, route detours, pilotage, change of road traffic organization, punctuality, cargo securing, cargo insurance OCP 250,000 euro.

We direct our services to clients from all over the country and other European countries.
Usługa transportu ponadgabarytowego
Usługa transportu silosów

Transport of silos / tanks

Our semi-trailers are equipped with appropriate transport beds that adapt to the diameter of the tank. We transport silos with a diameter of 3,4,5 m or larger.

We have semi-trailers with torsion axles, lengthened in the depth to 28m and widened to 4.3m, load capacity up to 36t.

Low loader transport

Above all, in our offer you will find tiefbett semi-trailers with a detachable front.

Ramp entry, semi-trailer height 25 cm and 40 cm and width 2.5 m and 3 m. We transport various types of construction, forestry and other machinery

Usługa transportu ponadgabarytowego

Our projects

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